Overhead Door Corporation is a great place to work! Read what some of our team members have to say about their experience. These testimonials include team members from different divisions of Overhead Door Corporation.


people-mark-johnson“Overhead Door Corporation provides excellent growth opportunity by not being afraid to let you take on meaningful roles in critical projects. I’ve progressed through various positions in the finance organization and each stop provided an opportunity for me to learn and contribute using my skills. I leave work feeling that I made a difference.   While we do work hard at Overhead Door Corporation, the people of the organization make all the difference. I have benefited from mentors that have taken interest in me and my career, but even more than that I have made friends here I will always appreciate.”

Mark Johnson
Finance Director, General Acct. and Reporting






people-annette-pizzoferrato“Wayne Dalton has given me the opportunity to excel both professionally and personally in the last 14 years. I have worked with great managers and co-workers that have been very helpful and supportive in my day to day responsibilities. I thank the company for the opportunities that they have given me.”

Annette Pizzoferrato
Scheduler / Planner






people-brian-russell“Working for Horton has been a very rewarding experience for me. What started out as just a summer job 23 years ago has now become a very rewarding career. There are always opportunities to try something new. The products are always changing and so are my responsibilities. The change keeps my job and my day-to-day activities challenging. The employees here at Horton, from sales and customer service to production and operations, are all incredibly positive people who make coming to work something I look forward to each day.   I would recommend Horton and Overhead Door Corporation to anyone who wants to work for a great company with great core values. Not only have I furthered my career path in management, but I’ve made a lot of great friends along the way!”

Brian Russell
Materials Supervisor




people-bryan-baily“I enjoy the professionalism and top-rate team environment, here at Horton.  I’ve been given the training and tools I need to get my job done.  I appreciate the opportunity to excel and advance with the company.  These qualities, along with a great product line make it a super place to work and grow my career.”

Bryan Bailey
Engineering Manager







people-federico-romero“I have been part of the Horton Automatics engineering team for over 13 years.   I am proud to be part of the development of new technologies that are used throughout the world.  During my time here, I have grown to see many people here as family members.  My work family supports me to be a better engineer and a better person.”

Federico Romero
VP, Engineering






people-jeremy-reynolds“I enjoy working at Wayne Dalton because every day presents new challenges. We are constantly challenged to be better by our leaders, our customers, and our co-workers. When we successfully meet these challenges, we open new doors to opportunity within the company.”

Jeremy Reynolds
General Manager, OHD Parts Lewistown







people-maryann-campbell “I’m impressed!  I’ve been at an Overhead Door™ garage door manufacturing plant for over 10 years, and this is the first place I have ever worked where the Plant Manager knows everybody’s name.  Respect for each other is shared by employees and management alike and everyone here has a voice.  I must say it’s a pleasure working for a company that cares.”

MaryAnn Campbell
Quality Auditor






people-priscilla-vela“It’s a great feeling to enjoy coming to work every day.  I’ve learned so much in my 2 years with Horton Automatics.  Working here has helped me grow in many aspects.  Serving in Customer Care and being one of the first points of contact for our customers, it makes me proud that I work for a company that truly values the customer’s needs and feedback.  Working with a fantastic team that strives for excellence, and being able to learn and grow every day, are the reasons I love being a Horton employee.”

Priscilla Vela
Customer Care





people-sandi-denton“My experience with Overhead Door Corporation has been fantastic!  Every day presents a new opportunity for learning and development in my role as an HR Manager.  My customers value the expertise I bring to the discussion and appreciate the contributions I make.  I am excited about the direction my career is taking and the future of the corporation. “

Sandi Denton
Director Human Resources






people-terry-indorf“I love my job at the Wayne Dalton division of Overhead Door Corporation! I have been blessed to work with many influential people during my career. They have helped me grow successfully throughout my life. I look forward to many more years with Overhead Door Corporation.”

Terri Indorf
Scheduler / Planner